Opportunity #1

The first Moon Device Opportunity snapshot was on Friday September 16th @ 5pm UTC. A total of 255 Moon Devices were distributed on October 16th 2022.

Moon Devices — A Part of History

I never understood blogs. Blogs, or vlogs or any other type of self-documented piece of work. I mean if you discovered some groundbreaking theory or something, sure, but it takes a big person to deserve words on a page or time on a screen… I guess I just figured, who wants to hear from me? What do I have to say? I’m not extraordinary. I mean, I wasn’t a bad person or anything, just my life wasn’t something you’d feel the need to document or share…or even talk about for that matter. I went to my 9–5, paid my bills, hung out with friends, had a hobby, but now… all that’s over. A past life. Now, I’m a mover, a force that can alter its surroundings…a part of history. I finally have something worth writing about, which is the reason for this entry…

Life on the moon will never be the same. I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning…

It all began yesterday morning when Pezi and I were out on our daily walk and he decided to take another turn. Normally, he diligently remains on route since he feels the need to get his 50,000 steps in, but today, something calls him off path. I follow because each Cryptonaut is taught to encourage their Creatures instincts, not suppress them. So, we explore caves, gather moon plants, it’s a nice walk. Pezi then runs deep into a cave, so far that I can’t see him. Of course, he returns to find me before going any further. I pull out my lantern. He slows down and guides me through….

We walk deep into the dark together until Pezi reaches a wall that appears to be the back of the cave. Just as I’m about to turn around, he lets out a squeal. I look back and the wall is completely out of the way to reveal a whole other room! Who knew this little piggy could shift an entire wall!?

He leads the way beyond the secret door and there we see the walls stacked with strange devices…there are at least a few thousand. I approach the wall and attempt to touch one of them. ZAP!!!! Like an electric shock. The room goes bright then dark again. I quickly grab one of the devices, and this time…nothing. I guess it was just that first human touch that set it off. Pezi and I run back to the others to share our discovery, but of course I am careful enough to not let the device drop!

I return panting, barely holding in my excitement, but at this point, the gangs asleep. Pezi and I awaken and gather all Cryptonauts. Slowly, I open my hand to reveal the device and we all stare in awe. All of the sudden it floats in the air. We watch with our jaws, dropped! At that moment, HOLD comes out of nowhere and grabs it…20 feet from the moon’s surface. He tosses and catches it, does some keep ups…and here I was guarding it with my life…I guess this device is sturdier than I thought.

“Hey kiddos!”

Funny he says that, considering he’s a literal baby….

“I see you got yourselves a Moon Device. Very cool.”

“What is it exactly?” I ask.

“Lowkey…it’s the greatest thing to ever be on the moon’s surface.” He stops.

We all expect more…

“Okay. And…..?” Another Cryptonaut encourages him.

“Oh, sorry. I figured that was enough. Well, I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s from the civilization before that once inhabited the moon. These devices unlock the greatest opportunities of the universe. With this, one can achieve their wildest dreams…It brought me some of the greatest joys of my entire baby life!”

You may think that doesn’t mean much, but in extraterrestrial years, he’s lived a long life!

“Basically, now that you found them. These Moon Devices will be carefully distributed to the community and there will be a few opportunities to get one throughout your time on the moon. Those that display the highest amount of teamwork and greatest synergy will be eligible for the first one. If you are lucky enough to earn one, I recommend holding onto it for eternity.” He so nonchalantly explains.

At this point, we’re all hooked. We have to get our hands on one (especially now that HOLD is playing footsy with mine)…

1st Moon Device Opportunity Requirements -

1. Hold a Moon Duo NFT in your Neo N3 wallet.


2. Hold 5 New Moon Phase (1st phase) Cryptonauts + 5 Waxing Crescent Phase (2nd phase) Cryptonauts with matching Origins in your Neo N3 wallet.

*5 different matching origins*

ex. Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, South America

  • A snapshot date/time will be announced after the Waxing Crescent Phase Mint (official mint date TBA shortly).

  • For each time the Opportunity Requirements are met, 1 unique Moon Device will be airdropped to your wallet.

  • Each wallet can qualify for a maximum of 3 Moon Devices per Moon Device event.


Medium: https://tothemoonuniverse.medium.com/moon-devices-a-part-of-history-a9ca70344b79

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