Moon Device

Secret NFT Collection from TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE

There are 5,000 Moon Devices to be distributed throughout Cycle 1. 7 Moon Device events (Opportunities) will be scheduled in-between moon phases. Each event represents an opportunity to obtain a Moon Device with different requirements to be announced prior to each event. These Moon Devices will be used to unlock several different free mints of Special TTM NFT Collections that play a very important role in the future of TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE. There may also be potential White List opportunities and additional surprises for owners of these rare devices.

* If after 7 events - all 5,000 Moon Devices have not been distributed.. the remaining Moon Devices will be sold via auction. 100% of the auction proceeds will be distributed amongst the Moon Device owners proportionally.*

Moon Device NFTs are comprised of 4 Attribute Categories

1. Element - Background

2. Device - Device

3. Mood - Core

4. Fortune - Star

Moon Devices can be bought or sold on the following secondary markets in the Neo Ecosystem.

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